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Restoring the Bondurant Library

"We seek to preserve our heritage because our historic resources are all that physically link us to our past."
- Robert Stipe

The historic Bondurant Library is - at last! - receiving the care and protection it deserves. All work shall conform with the recommendations of the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office's independent architect's report: Condition Assessment & Stabilization Recommendations.

Historic Designation

Through community volunteer efforts the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as Wyoming Place No. 390: "Church of St. Hubert the Hunter and Library."

The Need for Preservation

In the spring of 2010 the historic Library was rapidly deteriorating. But at the eleventh hour, community members stepped up to restore the building. The newly-created Bondurant Library Committee's first significant accomplishment was their receipt of Wyoming's State Historic Preservation Office's (SHPO) "Historic Architectural Assistance Fund" grant, through which they received Condition Assessment and Stabilization Recommendations. Serious fund-raising efforts followed.

Phase 1: Foundation

In the autumn of 2010 the building received a new concrete foundation - by November 2, 2010, Phase One of the stabilization work was complete! All in accordance with the requirements of the SHPO recommendations.

Phases 1 and 2 focus on stabilizing the building and preventing any further deterioration.

Work was begun in the autumn of 2010 to stabilize the building with a new footer and foundation. Read about the Stabilization efforts.

See Stabilizing the Building for photos and details describing Phase 1.

Phase 2: Exterior

2011 brings additional good news: through funds raised by the Library Committee events and a generous grant provided by the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming, restoration work will continue in the autumn of 2011.

Phase 2 will include continuing exterior Log restoration work, and a new metal roof. All as prescribed by the Condition Assessment and Stabilization Recommendations report.

Return often for photos and details describing ongoing operations.

Phase 3: Interior

Following restoration of the exterior logs and installation of a new metal roof, ongoing work will follow the path prescribed by the Condition Assessment and Stabilization Recommendations report. The committee will seek to restore to its original condition:

Phase 4: Electrical

The existing wiring in the Library does not meet code, nor does it provide enough power to supply existing and desired uses. Phase 4 includes:

In addition, the building requires an ADA ramp, and the Pie Room walls and floor should be cleaned and sealed. These are all simple projects, but will require time and labor.

Return often for photos and details describing ongoing operations.

Future Uses

Many suggestions have been floated for uses of the building:

Now that the building is stable, its uses are limitless.

Keep checking back for updates on improvements and uses of the building.

Bondurant Library Restoration Committee

The Bondurant Library Restoration Committee was formed by the BCC in the summer of 2009 to coordinate efforts to salvage the library before it is too late.

The Committee's goals:

Each ongoing phase will be undertaken as funds allow - entertaining events are scheduled to raise money throughout the year.

Click to learn about the Construction Budget and how you can help make the project a reality. Or, Contact a committee member for more information.

The Library is a part of Bondurant's past... Please help to insure its future!

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Last updated September 28, 2011