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History of the Bondurant Library

"...In 1943, through the generosity of a friend in the east, another log building was erected next to the Church that contained the Library and fully equipped first aid dispensary..."

- Mrs. Eileen Dockham

"Bishop Zeigler came to Bondurant in 1937 for the purpose of choosing a building site for the Church and Library. However, the Library was not erected until 1941 and 1942. This was done by Albert Miller for $800.00.

"The two rooms in the back were to serve as a clinic or for shelter for anyone who might get stranded going through in the winter. Someone from back East donated some hospital equipment among which there was a great huge hospital table on wheels that I shall never forget, as every spring when we cleaned the Library we had to move that big old heavy thing around. We finally had some of the men move it out into the building which was built for a wood shed and later donated it to St. John's Hospital."

"The first books were donated by the Church Women's Periodical Club from the Province of New England in 1945. These books were packed and unpacked many times, as we didn't have shelves for them, but finally in about 1947 we had shelves built which we set up in the Church building to display our books. Shortly after the Library was built, Mrs. Georgia Pfisterer felt the need of linoleum on the floor, so she donated the first linoleum rug for it."

"The Library upkeep was the responsibility of the Ladies Guild of Bondurant for many years. During this time it was used for many purposes. The first school was held here in this building in 1945 and 1946, it was used for this purpose most of the time until our school house was built. Then there were a number of years when the building wasn't in use and the Guild kicked the thought around about selling it as it was an added expense for them to keep up, but some of the members objected strenuously to this and decided to do something about getting another Library started.

"Under the supervision of Pat Campbell and Mary Pfisterer, Albert Miller built the shelves we are using now. Mary and Pat attended the formative Committee meeting in Pinedale in 1960. It was decided at this time that we would be a branch of the Sublette County Library. Sandra Brewer was our first Librarian about 1961 or 1962. Since then we have had Ilene Faris, Eileen Dockham, Grace Snow, Betsy Umbenhauer and Pat Campbell who is our present Librarian. Seems as though there are a number of us who do not use the Library as often as we should, but there have always been a few who were interested in it enough to manage to keep it going."

The Library Building belongs to the Episcopal Church. The Dioicese of Wyoming pays the insurance on the building but not the contents. At the present time Sublette County Library has the use of two rooms for the maintenance of the same."

Librarians since Pat Campbell resigned have been Hazel Halling, Valerie Crittendon, Kathy Benson, and Lyn Goffaux."

By Mrs. Eileen Dockham © 1980
Reprinted with the permission of her family

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