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Wildland fire Bondurant Fire Department

Call before you burn:

307-733-2180 - Bondurant Fire House


601-506-3034 - Sam Sumrall


307-730-1699 - Jerry Johnson


For any other emergency, call:

307-367-4378 (ext #6) - Sublette County Sheriff

Bondurant Fire Department Battles Middle Piney Creek Fire

Bondurant Volunteer fire fighters July 8, 2012: Bondurant fire fighters responded valiantly to the BIG blowout at the summer homes in Middle Piney Creek last week. Left, Richard Thomas and Tam Halling pause in full gear before threatened homes.

Bondurant volunteers have been working on the this local fire since June 24th, and continue to work with Federal resources to contain and protect assets located in the area. The prep work done by firefighters saved all of the summer cabins from the fire as it moved north through the Wyoming Range.

This is living proof that "Firewise" homes CAN withstand a forest fire with a bit of help from resources on hand.

Visit the Bondurant Fire Department Open House (August 19 - see article left) and contact Fire Chief Richard for more information on Grant funding available in Sublette County to make your home FIREWISE.

- Gloria Thomas