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POPS - Preserve, Organize, Protect, Share

"In the end we will conserve only what we love.
We love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught."

-Baba Dioum, New Delhi, India 1968

The POPS committee is a loosely-knit group of Bondurant residents who share an interest in preserving a record of our community - its people, places and things - and in sharing our history with our neighbors, visitors, and with future generations.

In the early days, many valley homesteaders preserved their family papers. Then, with the start of the Crazy Calico ladies' club, there began a record of club activities. Later came the Ladies' Guild and the Fire-Sywrens, which merged to form the Bondurant Community Club. Various records of club and community activities exist, and the communities' archives include many of these.

The current POPS committee was formed when the family of the late Mrs. Eileen Dockham, one of our pioneering residents, donated a collection of Mrs. Dockham's papers to the Bondurant Community Club (BCC). The recipient of the boxes and bags of papers, Martha Saunders, called for volunteers to help her sort and protect the collection, and POPS was born.

Mission Statement

We recognize that our personal and collective history enriches us - that it becomes a part of who we are. We believe that an understanding of the ways in which our valley became the community it is today will enhance our appreciation of the people and places around us.

Our name describes our mission:

Preserve. To safeguard from loss, deterioration and destruction the tangible artifacts that illustrate the natural and cultural history of the Bondurant Basin and surrounding area. To bear witness to and honor the individuals whose experiences in this Basin were in some way significant to themselves and/or to others. And in so doing to document the narratives of their stories for others to witness.

Organize. To create a collection(s) of the preserved artifacts and narratives. To organize the collection(s) in a systematic manner. To assemble and index the collection(s) so that particular items can be found in future.

Protect. The physically store and safeguard the collection(s) against deterioration over time, to the best of our ability. To make copies and transcriptions of originals as needed. To continually advance our understanding of available preservation methods and technologies, and to update our practices as necessary whenever possible.

Share. To make the collection or copies of the collection available to the community, to the best of our ability. To encourage the community to become acquainted with the collection. To be ambassadors, educating and encouraging visitors and the community to learn about and respect our history.

The Collection

Currently, POPS is organizing a wide array of items, including:


POPS is accepting contributions of memorabilia - please contact a committee member for information.


We are an evolving committee. Anyone who would like to join us is encouraged to contact a member for meeting times and places:

This page under construction... please check back soon.

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