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BCC History

The BCC was preceded by several community service organizations:

The Crazy Calico Club

Bondurant's first organization of local women called themselves the Crazy Calico Club.

Photo: Bondurant Crazy Calico Club 1932, Meeting at the V-V Ranch.
Property of: Ladies' Guild of Bondurant, collection of Eileen Dockham.
Photo provided courtesy of POPS

Pictured, front row: Florence Robinson with baby son Kent, Florence's mother, Florence's little girl Ruby, Joe Holt, Muriel Baker - cook of Mrs. Vans, Agnes Wertz holding daughter Goldie, unidentified young girl, Mrs. Georgia Phisterer.

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Beulah Baker, Grace Booker, Alice Nobel, Myrna Query Willard holding her little daughter, unidentified lady, Mrs. Pearl VanVleck, Mrs. McMasters, Jessie Faris, daughter of Mrs. McMasters